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About One Texas Water

We’re passionate about putting the power of water in your hands.

One Texas Water, LLC was established in early 2011. As an avid gardener, co-founder Ben Pedraza noted the superior effect of rainwater over tap water on the vegetation in his garden and began to search for a way to take advantage of the large amount of precipitation that rushed unused down his gutters with every rainfall. After researching various alternatives he installed his first rainwater catchment system in his own back yard, a setup he continues to benefit from to this day. When Ben shared the benefits of his newfound approach to water acquisition with now business partner Chris Carroll, both felt the concept proved an ideal inspiration for a green business with the potential to benefit the community.
Over the next year, Ben worked to attain his professional accreditation from the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA), and together with Chris co-founded One Texas Water. The company started small, installing irrigation systems ranging from 55 to 400 gallons for local community gardens and schools. As the business grew and added personnel, the focus shifted to larger systems for businesses and homes. One Texas Water now serves all of San Antonio and has installed systems from Austin to Corpus Christi and Laredo. Ben and Chris have traveled the US studying different types of rainwater catchment systems and collaborating on numerous system designs.
One Texas Water is founded on the premise that water is an increasingly scarce resource that must be conserved and that rainwater catchment offers a proven, reliable and safe water source for everyone. Rainwater harvesting offers a unique solution for the future of water acquisition, with traditional sources of water becoming increasingly fraught due to the resource demands associated with population increase, drought, and large numbers of wells drilled into aquifers. By contrast, rainwater is forever free and is among the purest sources of water available. You can watch it go down the gutter or you can harvest it as the valuable resource it is. If you ask us, we think the choice is clear!

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