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How Much Do Rainwater Harvesting Systems Cost?

How Much Do Rainwater Harvesting Systems Cost?

A typical whole-house potable water system will vary in cost depending on the tank size, the distance of the tank from the home or catchment surface, the amount of grading involved in attaining a level tank site, and the size of the home. Typically, a 30,000-gallon system will cost between $30,000 – $35,000. The smaller the tank, the higher the cost per stored gallon of water, so that a 20,000-gallon system will typically cost between $22,000 – $27,000. A larger 65,000-gallon system would cost between $53,000 – $58,000, making for a lower cost per stored gallon of water.

Oftentimes, our customers are able to defray a portion of the installation cost by independently leveling out the tank pad site or trenching for piping.

Born in Texas, Ben was raised by missionary parents while traveling throughout Mexico, where he saw his first example of a simple yet functioning rainwater catchment system attached to a small sheet metal home. He went on to serve 5 years in the Navy before returning home to Texas, where he settled in San Antonio.


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